About Me

Hi! I am Cathy, the dyslexic, out-of-the-box thinker and owner of Kiwi Cottage, a home decor and gift shop on the coast of North Carolina.  I am a Christian, a wife of a very understanding man and a mom to two amazing young ladies who happen to be twins.

Our family just moved from a 2000 square-foot home to a 960 square-foot home, and we have found that "life with less" is amazingly freeing.  We have sand as our front porch and the sounds of the waves as our doorbell!  What more could you ever need?

I see the glass as full and over flowing. If I can think it, I can do it--except spell! My dyslexia  allows me to be a very "creative speller " so if you see a spelling error please understand that my mind sees it differently than most. So I hope you will not judge me for my spelling abilities but that you can see me for my creative nature which I consider a true gift from God.  So as I share my creativity with you in this blog, I hope also to pass along the willingness to think outside the box.

Happy Creating
Cathy b.